Brendan has the scars and a limp from decades of experience. His stories will inspire you to make huge changes.

Ben Forrest
Citizens Bank

Your step-by-step action plan to avoid the confusion and frustrations most teams experience when introducing Kanban…

  • Understand the key principles of Kanban, and the mindset teams need to succeed with it.
  • Learn why you only need a few small changes to see a BIG improvement in delivery time.
  • See why most teams fail (so you can avoid these common mistakes)
  • Unlock the secret of making WIP limits work (in real life).
  • Get access to the “Ask Kanban” game - a process for curing the stale stand-up
  • Use the “7 Steps for Starting Kanban” to get real world results from Kanban… right away.

Brendan is an expert but there's humility in the way he explains the materials so it feels accessible.

Chris Boyd
Brendan Wovchko

Meet Your Trainer

Brendan Wovchko is an Accredited Kanban Trainer who has taught Kanban to more than 20,000 people, and trained over 100 organizations. An entrepreneur, Brendan is the founder and CEO of HUGE IO, based in Nashville. Today, Brendan uses his 20+ years of experience an an engineer and CTO to help organizations master Kanban through his online and onsite courses.

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